Feedback 2019


Our company manufactures special-purpose machines, such as fire fighting machines, garbage collection machines etc. Participation in GETCA exhibition has provided insight into the market of Uzbekistan and the Central Asian market in general. For our company, the participation in the exhibition has been definitely meaningful, in terms of establishing new business contacts and discovering new markets for our products. Generally, the event has been quite successful for us.

Evgenia Polukarova, Authorized Representative, Eco Spectrum

We would like to specifically mention the professionality of the exhibition staff in the organisation of the event. For our company which is engaged in the production of waste incineration equipment, GETCA exhibition appeared to be a perfect place to demonstrate our products. This is the first time we have brought our own-produced equipment to display on the exhibition stand in Tashkent: an incinerator that allows for disposing up to 300 kg of wastes per hour. On the outdoor site of the exhibition, we attracted the attention of visitors by the test waste incineration, thereby showing how to quickly in an environmentally friendly way dispose of solid household waste and hazardous medical waste. As a result, we have established new business contacts with many local and foreign companies that took a keen interest in our products.

Timur Akramov, Deputy CEO, Sanfa Engineering Co LTD

During the exhibition, we discovered a huge number of areas of interest and met a large number of prospective customers, namely, companies involved in environmental protection and those willing to cooperate with us, as our products are somewhat used in the construction of modern solid domestic garbage dumps. This exhibition appears commendable for GETCA organisers as it draws public attention to the issues of environmental improvement.

Sanfa Engineering has been very pleased to be exhibiting at GETCA. The exhibition itself was organised at the highest level. All the necessary conditions were provided for promotion of the products; I would also like to add that, at the exhibition, we have met a huge number of foreign partners, which will motivate us to improve the quality of our products and will open up new prospects for cooperation.

Galina Savenkova, Head of Advertising Department, Palfinger

Our company is engaged in the production of mobile lifting machinery to be used in various industries. We have brought to the GETCA exhibition the solutions used in the field of solid household and miscellaneous waste (bulky waste, metal scrap, construction waste) management.

The exhibition has proven to be successful for our company. We would like to express our gratitude to the operational team of CCA, the organiser of the exhibition. We wish the organisers further successful growth, and effective meetings and meaningful negotiations to the exhibitors.