3rd Central Asian International Business-Forum on Green Technologies and Sustainable Solutions

The main topics of the Business-Forum:

  • Smart Transport: special-purpose machinery for solid domestic waste collection and transport;
  • Sustainable housing and public services: waste sorting, treatment, and recycling technologies; environmental and industrial safety;
  • Smart water supply and sanitation: water conservation, protection of industrial and household resources, wastewater treatment and air cleaning systems and equipment;
  • Sustainable Energy System: renewable energy sources, clean technologies of production and consumption.

In cooperation with OSCE - Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan

For participation in the Business-Forum, please contact the project director in Tashkent or the content coordinator.

Project director Elya Chanisheva: +998 71 205 14 14 or

Content coordinator Bert Brings: +49 7194 9537-800 or